Obama gets City approval to build $500 million Presidential Centre in Chicago

Former US President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have gotten approval to build the Obama Presidential Centre at Jackson Park, Chicago.

The Chicago City Council gave the approval on Wednesday, paving way for the next step whixh is federal review.

According to Chicago Tribune, the federal review is required because Jackson Park, the site of the center, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The report adds that the Obama Foundation still must secure a formal long-term contract to lease Jackson Park from the city.

The expected cost of the project is over $500 million and reports say the Obama Foundation has been hiring staff and tapping the Obamas’ network of donors to pay for the privately financed project.

Tweeting later in the afternoon, Obama said: “This Center is for the leaders of tomorrow who are ready to step up and build the world as it should be. Michelle and I are grateful to Chicagoans and the Chicago City Council for making it happen.”

The Obama’s announced their intention to build the centre in May 2015.



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