Afenifere calls on Yorubas to “wake up!” (READ COMMUNIQUE)


Oyo State Chapter of Afenifere organized a one-day Summit at Jogor Centre, Oke Ado, Ibadan on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

The theme of the Summit is ILE YORUBA: Bi Oni ati Ola Yoo se Dara (THE YORUBA NATION: For a Better Today and Tomorrow

The organizers express their profound appreciation to the National Leader of Afenifere, Chief Reuben Fasoranti, the General Secretary, Bashorun Sehinde Arogbofa and the Oyo State Governor, Aare Abiola Ajimobi, who was represented by his Chief of Staff, Dr. Gbade Ojo for gracing the occasion.
Our appreciation also goes to the Guest Speaker, Archbishop Ayo Ladigbolu, the Discussant, Mr. Kayode Samuel as well as former Governor Victor Omololu Olunloyo among several other dignitaries.
We also thank Engineer Femi Babalola a.k.a Jogor who provided us with the venue we used for the Summit as well as several other people who contributed in cash and in kind for the success of the programme.
After the welcome address by the Chairman, Otunba Dr. Gbola Adetunji, Archbishop Ladigbolu, representative of Governor Ajimobi and the Discussant, Mr. Kayode Samuel spoke on the theme.
This was followed by contributions from the participants. After robust deliberations, the following points were highlighted:
1. The Yorubas were known to be on the frontline in various aspects of human endeavour such as in education, business, industry, etc. Unfortunately, the Yorubas appear to be losing this pre-eminent position. It is therefore very imperative that we re-invent ourselves.
2. The Yorubas must use their knowledge to address Nigeria’s challenges.
3. There is the need to teach our children and youths about Yoruba heroes.
4. Attention was called to the need to have a monument that is distinctly Yoruba. For instance, there can be a Yoruba House in which a lot of things about the Yorubas will be stored. It should have modern devices for information, enlightenment and preservation of knowledge.
5. Yorubas in various agencies of government at all levels should always be conscious of their responsibilities to their race.
6. Only two tribes in Nigeria have kiths and kins in countries outside of the country. The Yorubas should also maintain workable link with their kiths and kins in neighbouring countries as well as those in the Diaspora.
7. Afenifere noted the unwholesome practice of money politics climaxing in such undesirable concepts like ‘stomach infrastructure’ and ‘dibo ki o se obe’. We must steer our politics away from these.
8. Security challenges of today are quite unprecedented: Fulani herdsmen attack, Boko Haram insurgency, kidnapping and so on and so forth. Afenifere shall take steps to safeguard lives and property in Oyo State and Yorubaland in general.
9. New focus of Afenifere is to reconcile all Yorubas, starting from Oyo State in order to ensure a broad consensus over most important issues.
10. Every adult Yoruba is qualified to be members of Afenifere as long as he or she believes in and acts in consonance with noble Yoruba principles and interests.
11. The next phase of our advocacy is to have Afenifere established in the local government councils and even in the wards.

Afenifere challenges our politicians and public office-holders to regard the issue of integrity as sacrosanct. As such, they should endeavour to always ensure that they fulfill the promises they made to the people as a way of making life more abundant and fulfilling for the people.

Finally, Afenifere, Oyo State thanks all and sundry for gracing the occasion and for making the day a success.

Comrade Jare Ajayi Rt. Honorauble Kehinde Ayoola
For and on behalf of the Communique Committee

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