Ajayi Crowther University not shut down – Management

The Management of Ajayi Crowther University has debunked rumours that the institution has been shut down.

In a statement issued on Thursday by the Registrar, Mrs Adenike Fatogun, the university said it is currently on Easter break which started from Wednesday April 12 and to Sunday April 23, 2017.

According to the statement, “immediately after, the Mid-Semester Examinations will hold from Thursday 27th to Friday 28th April 2017.

It however admitted that the university “recently experienced a very common incident of unruly behaviour by some students who have appeared befor the institution’s Students’ Disciplinaty Committee, leading to the expulsion and suspension of students found guilty, given the University’s highly cherised charcater of a faith-based Christian institution governed by rules and regulations in conformity with Christian Ethics and commitment to raising Godly intellectuals”.

The statement reads further: “In this wise, the University insists that its students be disciplined, well dressed, punctual at lectures and worship service, among other requirements as dictated in the institution’s Students’ Handbook on rules and regulations. Consequently, the University will not allow any act of cultism, taking of narcotic drugs and alcohol, sexual immorality on campus and other dissident behaviours that are at variance with the principles of a faith-based institution.

“The Management is doing its best to ensure academic excellence, protection of the rights of the students, provision of sporting and recreational facilties, and a serene safe and conducive environment for learning. Moreover Ajayi Crowther University is compaartively a very low fee charging private University in Nigeria; the University allows payment of fees in three instalments. The University Hostel facilties, which provide students with the desired comfort, are owned and operated by Diocese of the Anglican Churcdh. Fees charged for accomodation are not just inclusive of residency; electiricity, water, refuse disposal and salaries of hostel management staff are also components of the overall school fees.

“The University provides students with relatively adequate faciltiies to guarantee their peaceful and progressive study experiemce in the University. Expectedly, the University is staffed with distinguished Professors and other categories of qualified academic who ensure that the institution continually rank among the best in the various courses of offer in the University. In the same spirit, the University provide scholarship to students including cash awards to those who are recognised as University scholars on the basis of the exceptional students’ cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPAs) in First class and Second Class Upper Division. Glad;ly all academic programmes are accredited.

“Ajayi Crowther University remains the preferred choice for parents and candidates who seek education in Godly environment. The University has credibility as it has a Bishop of the Anglican communion as the Vice-Chancellor, Chief (Dr.) Wole Olanipekun (SAN) as the Pro-Chancellor, professor Emeritus Ayo Banjo, as the Chairman, Board of Trustees and sixty- Five Bishops of the Supra Diocesan Board b(West) as Proprietors.

“Admission is still in progress. Interested applicats should log on to”

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