Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, displaces Bill Gates, becomes richest man in history

Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezoz, has displaced Bill Gates as the world richest man.

Shares in Amazon hit an all-time high on Monday, which lifted Bezos’ net worth to a record $105.1billion, according to Bloomberg.

He is currently $5 billion richer than Gate and is now believed to be the wealthiest person of all-time.

With his wealth, CNN estimates that Bezos is able to buy Ford, GM Motors and BMW completely. He could also buy five burgers for the entire world population.

Other estimates say he is now worth more than the GDP of over 125 of the world’s 195 nations.

Forbes however argues that Bezos may not truly the wealthiest person ever because “on an inflation-adjusted basis, Bill Gates has previously been worth far more. In April 1999, for instance, Gates’ net worth eclipsed $100 billion for the first time when Microsoft shares topped out at the apex of the dot-com bubble”

That fortune, Forbes says, would be worth roughly $150 billion in today’s dollars. It means Gates would have been the wealthiest were it not for the hundreds of millions of shares in Microsoft as well as the billions in cash and other assets he has given away to charity.

Aside from Amazon, Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post. As of Tuesday just before noon, shares of Amazon were trading at $1,247.91.

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