APC, Richard Quest, defend Lai Mohammed as he runs into trouble for not promoting Nigerian jollof rice

Minister for Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has landed in trouble for saying that Senegal makes the best jollof rice.

During an interview with CNN’s Richard Quest who was in the country at the weekend, Lai Mohammed said Senegal makes the best jollof rice.

But Nigeria makes the best jollof rice, Nigerians believe. They also believe that whether Mohammed likes it or not, he must promote Made in Nigeria products, including, jollof rice.

During the QuestMeansBusiness interview on Friday, Richard Quest asked: “Which country would you say makes the best jollof rice?”.

And Lai Mohammed responded: “I’ll probably say Senegal”.

And a visibly shocked Quest said:”Senegal! I hear a shock across the country. I hear a sigh across the country”

Many Nigerians came for Mohammed’s head on Twitter. But his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) as well as Richard Quest, rushed to his defence.

APC United Kingdom tweeted: “Jollof rice may be from Senegal but ?? makes it BEST – HM Lai Mohammed on @richardquest’s “Quest Means Business”.

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