How Banky W turned his personal driver into an Uber driver

Bankole Wellington a.k.a Banky W, has turned his personal driver Oluwasegun Lanre Adetula into an Uber driver and the decision has turned into a viable “side hustle” for both of them.

The R&B star disclosed this in an Instagram post. He said he wanted his driver, whom he described as an “awesome guy”, to be able to earn more than just his salary and tips.

Banky said he worked out an arrangement whereby the driver could use the free period to make extra momey instead of sitting around all day waiting for his boss who would either be in the studio, office or on some set.

His words: “I got a small car and we put it on Uber, that way instead of him sitting around all day waiting for me while I’m in the studio, office, or on set, he can hit the road and generate income for us.. and then we split it at the end of the month”.

The singer said the idea “worked so well that I am now really hoping to continue to do this for more of the young people around me, as God gives me grace.”

Banky also expressed excitement as being honoured as Uber’s first Brand Ambassador. He encoraged more car owners to use the service “as a way to help more people around them and earn money on the side at the same time.”


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