Born Again graduate asks UI to withdraw his certificate because he cheated


A former post graduate student of the University of Ibadan has asked the institution to withdraw his certificate because he “cheated severally” during the course of the programme.

The graduate, simply identified as Omolere, according to a committee report, obtained the Master of Managerial Psychology (MMP) degree in 2003.

It was gathered that in a letter dated November 18, 2016, he informed UI of his decision to return his statement of result in restitution for the sin of cheating and having “no moral justification to continue to keep the notification of higher degree result.”

According to a source, the University, after receiving the letter, set up a committee to investigate his claims before taking a decision. But it was learnt the committee could not locate the student either through the contact details he provided.

The committee, in a report, advised the Senate of the institution to “recognize the enduring ambiguity of the ‘cheating’ to which Mr Omolere referred and the difficulty of addressing that on the sole merit of his letter”.

The Committee also recommended the following:

  • Senate should review the rules and regulations governing examination malpractice at the University of Ibadan to reflect cases of restitution.
  • Senate should hold its decision in abeyance until Mr Omolere, currently incommunicado, makes himself available to the university and or provides further information on this matter.
  • Senate should direct the Examinations and Records Office of the university of Ibadan to hold on to Mr Omolere’s certificate until this case is disposed.
  • Senate should improve methods of preventing and detecting cheating and other forms of malpractice among students during the course of their studies at the University of Ibadan.

Further investigation however showed that Mr. Omolere’s action was due to restitution and repentance as a pastor who had been in contact with him reportedly confirmed.

The university is however yet to take any decision until the committee is able to establish one-on-one communication with the former student.


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