BREAKING: Russia blocks UN Security Council from condemning Syria chemical attack

The United Nations Security Council has failed to pass a resolution condemning Syria chemical attack.

The vote on the resolution was as follows:
1) 1o voted YES
2) 2 voted NO
3) 3 Abstained

The resolution however failed when China abstained and Russia vetoed NO

China, Russia together with US, UK and France are the five permanent members of the council with veto powers.

Other members of the council, 10 of them, are non-permanent members elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly.

The non-permanent members with their end of term dates are as follows:
Bolivia (2018)
Egypt (2017)
Ethiopia (2018)
Italy (2018)
Japan (2017)
Kazakhstan (2018)
Senegal (2017)
Sweden (2018)
Ukraine (2017)
Uruguay (2017)





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