BREAKING: Shots fired outside U.S. Capitol grounds as woman crashes into police vehicle

Gunshots were fired near US Capitol after a suspect crashed into a police cruiser and tried to run over several officers.

ABC News reports that witnesses at the scene said they heard three gunshots before a woman was taken into custody at 3rd and Independence Avenues in Washington DC.

Pedestrians were told to get off the streets while several buildings were placed on lock down.

According to Daily Mail, a car was stopped at a checkpoint Wednesday morning, according to the witness, and police ordered a woman driving a vehicle to stop.


But the suspect struck a police cruiser before trying to run over several officers who were on foot, police said.

Police opened fire, with witnesses saying they heard two quick shots, followed by a pause before a third one rang out.

No one was shot, and photographs from the scene show a woman being taken into custody.

Dozens of police cars responded to the scene at Washington Ave and Independence Ave near the US Botanic Garden.

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