BREAKING: UK officials pull out of 2018 World Cup as May expels 23 Russian diplomats

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May announced on Wednesday that there will be no attendance of UK ministers or the Royal Family to this year’s World Cup in Russia.

The announcement was part of sanctions slammed on Russia in parliament. Russia failed to explain how a nerve agent was used to poison a former spy and his daughter in Britain.

Instead, Russia threatened to retaliate if sanctions are imposed on it, warning the UK to be mindful of a nuclear-strong Kremlin.

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Mrs May also announced that 23 Russian diplomats in UK will be suspended and that she hopes there will be cross party support for the sanctions which include increased checks on private flights, customs and freezing Russian state assets.

“There is no place for these people or their money in our country,” she said.

She explained that the UK had no issue with the Russian people and said hopes had been high for a close relationship after the end of the Cold War.

But, she added: “It’s tragic that President Putin has chosen to act in this way.”

And the message was that “those who seek us harm – you are not welcome here”.


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