Dog mauls 8-month-old baby girl to death in grandma’s house

An eight-month-old girl , Liana Villasin has been killed by a pitbull as she sat in a bouncy chair while being cared for by her grandmother in Florida.

Liana Villasin was dropped off by her mother Brenda at the grandmother’s house in Miramar, Florida, where she regularly spent time when not in daycare.

A male dog aged three or four years old, which had lived with the family since it was a puppy and was one of the three dogs in the house, attacked Liana in a bedroom.

Speaking outside her family home, Brendan Villasin , the deceased mother told CBS Miami: “She was the best thing to ever happen to me. She smiled every morning. She was my world.”

Villasin said when she was told what happened, she raced from her job in Pompano Beach.

“The child lives with me, I drop the baby off every morning so I can go work. We rotate between daycare and here,”she said.

“Nobody wakes up in the morning and says ‘you’re going to lose somebody you love.

“It just happens so when I heard about it. I’m numb right now. I don’t feel. I can’t express myself correctly. My emotions are all over the place.”

The child’s grandmother had been watching her when the attack happened at around 11.30am on Wednesday investigators said.

The three dogs were later pictured being loaded in an animal services truck and taken away but it was not clear if the animal responsible would be put down.

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