All eyes on Tech-U as the train leaves the station

By Wole Adejumo

With the resumption of the pioneer set of students of The Technical University, Ibadan, on Monday, 8th January, 2018, Nigeria’s premier Technical University moved from the dream state into reality.

The attention that the university’s resumption drew from both the public and private sectors point in only one direction; all eyes are on The Technical University.

While some wondered where the funding will come from, some others asked whether the dreams of the Visitor to the university, His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, in founding the university are achievable. It is even being said in some places that ‘the State already owns a university, so why Tech-U?’

Those who are mindful of the needs and wants of Oyo State and the whole country are however unanimous in their agreement that The Technical University is the much sought-after El Dorado in the country’s Education Sector. Not only is the university coming as a game changer, it has kicked off on a very impressive note.

Parents, guardians and sponsors already have high expectations, and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ayobami Salami assured them they will not be disappointed. “At The Technical University, Ibadan, we are not just developing the minds of our students, we are equipping them to use their minds to the fullest, and we are building them into models of self-reliance and independence. As you rightly know, knowledge is power only when correctly used. Skill acquisition and entrepreneurship are key parts of our curriculum, so we are training problem solvers,” the Vice-Chancellor affirmed.

That The Technical University, Ibadan is indeed multifaceted and designed to bring out the best in every student is not in doubt. At Tech-U, apart from the fact that attention will be paid to details to ensure that every student turns out a competent force in his or her field, the Vice-Chancellor has also disclosed that “no student will graduate from Tech-U without becoming a specialist in at least two vocations. That is already part of the requirements and in the course of studentship, they will also be trained as apprentices by specialists. To ensure that they are well positioned for international opportunities and ready for the world market, our students will be taught French Language. So every Tech-U student will obtain three diplomas before they get to the final year; one in French and two for the vocations they have learnt”.

Not many undergraduates and parents can claim ignorance of the severity of strike actions by university lecturers. Professor Salami has however pointed out that at Tech-U, Ibadan, no strike action will be recorded. Yet another difference between Tech-U and other universities is that it is a public university with private sector orientation. In other words, apart from the government, there is private sector partnership in its ownership.

A visit to Tech-U is more than enough confirmation that parents and guardians will get value for money. All facilities can satisfactorily match up with the international standard.

Interestingly, a large percentage of Tech-U students went through public secondary schools; that however does not in any way mean the university’s standard might be low. The Vice-Chancellor explained that “though JAMB announced 120 as the cut-off mark for universities, we raised ours to 160, which is the equivalent of the minimum pass mark in university courses.”

As The Technical University, Ibadan’s train leaves the station; the institution has blazed the trail for others. Nigeria is moving beyond mere certification and as the focus shifts to technological advancement and entrepreneurship, Tech-U is positioning students who will take charge in the next few years. The university will definitely be churning out value adding graduates who will be able to hold their heads high anywhere in the world.

At Tech-U, the atmosphere is one hundred percent conducive; with air-conditioned classrooms, a 500-seater library, state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops and an e-library, students are assured of the best facilities.

Tech-U has set the standard and the process of building brains and training hands has started. With its programmes, the University is poised to tackle the employability issue of Nigerian graduates. And for that, all eyes are on Tech-U to produce graduates who will have not only have credentials, but also the wherewithal to back them up.

Adejumo, the Public Relations Officer of The Technical University wrote from Ibadan


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