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Finally, demolition of Ladipo market begins

The Ladipo Main Market in Mushin, Lagos has finally been demolished. The demolition occurred on Thursday afternoon with the remaining work continuing on Friday.

Traders of the market were ordered to leave market with their goods and they couldn’t resist the bulldozers and team of security men.

Some goods were destroyed as many of the traders were not in their shops because of the Independence Day celebration and public holiday.

Traders and the Mushin Local government had been at loggerheads over plans to re-construct the market and turn it into a modern plaza.

The traders, through their leaders alleged that they were not carried along before the plans to re-construct the market was carried out.

They expressed concern over what happened to shop owners in other markets where such reconstruction was carried out and they never got back their shops after the reconstruction.

It was because of that that they resisted the plan and went to a Lagos High Court to obtain an injunction to stop the demolition.

Following the order, the traders, developer and Mushin Local Government went into discussion and negotiation which led to a truce. And the traders, through their BOT chairman, Nnamdi Chukwuka, withdrew the matter from the court.


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