Gay man dies of anal cancer, Bobrisky reacts, gives safety tips

Popular Congo Brazzaville gay man, Paul Arduad according to news outlets in his country has been reported dead after he lost a long battle with anal cancer.

According to reports by Congolese star, Paul was open about being gay, and the disease is strongly related to his sexual orientation which depends on anal sex.


Feeling sorry for the deceased, Bobrisky took to Snapchat give safety tips on how to stay healthy if one is gay and ‘receives it from behind’. “If you don’t have money to take care of yourself, then stop being gay or take care of yourself, so you can find yourself a good man to buy you joy and wealth”, he said.

His safety tips reads:

1. Learn how to stick to one partner; if you wanna mess around, you own your life, no one can dictate to you.

2. Learn to love yourself first before helping others. Go for medical check up on your health two times in three months. Please, don’t go to a roadside nurse and do the checkup o. I mean travel out of the country for a full checkup. The USA is the best place you can go.

3. Use condoms if you really wanna mess around.

4. Eat good meals, I mean more of vegetables and fruits.

5. This is the most important one: if you wanna be gay or want to take a d**k, you need to have money. I mean, be rich to always look after yourself. Your partners’ own is just to cum inside you, that’s all. But now, it’s left for you to know how to take that cum outside.”


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