Geopolitical zones in Nigeria can’t get equal number of states – El-Rufai

Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Committee of True Federalism, Governor Nasir El-Rufai said on Wednesday that geopolitical zones in the country can nit get equal number of states because it would amount to injustice.

The governor also said it will be difficult for states agitating for total resource control to achieve their aim because states without oil are more, those with oil might not get the required vote in the National Assembly.

El Rufai spoke at an interactive session with Nigerian Youths in Abuja.

His words: “There is absolutely no way in the Nigeria of today that a state that has oil will have 100 per cent of the revenue. That is not possible because to get that document through, you have to pass it through the National Assembly and in the National Assembly, there are more states that have no oil than those that have oil and so, they will vote it down.

“So, you better start proposing something that works for the entire country and not just you. Otherwise, it will not help. The greatest injustice you can do is to try to make the unequal equal or the equal unequal.

“You cannot come here and say we should create nine states in each zone. Nigeria is not equal in terms of land mass, population, resources etc. so, you can’t do that. It is injustice trying to make the unequal equal because there is no where in the world.”

He said those agitating for the scrapping of the Senate should realize that no member of the senate will vote to scrap the chamber, saying”Whatever you learn with some knowledge of history is incomplete. Unfortunately, in this country, history is not a subject in our schools. We started with a parliamentary system of government with the Queen as our leader, then, we became a Republic in 1963. You should not trace history without learning from the mistakes of the past or make recommendations without some sense of history’.

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