GRUESOME! Man rapes, beats three-year-old girl to death

A three-year-old girl has been kidnapped, raped, tortured, then beaten to death with a brick in India.

It was reported that the unidentified girl went missing on Sunday after being lured away from her friends as they were playing outside their homes in a suburb of Delhi.

Her remains were discovered the following day inside an abandoned shop barely 300 yards from where she went missing.

Police told the Hindustan Times that the girl was found in a pool of blood with bruises on her shoulders, waist, chest and back, indicating she had been tortured.

Medical examiners said she was forced to endure the attack before being hit over the head with a brick, fracturing her skull.

“She died from the head injury and excessive internal bleeding”, examiners said.

The girl’s relatives learned she had gone missing on Sunday after her friends said she left with a stranger who promised to buy her chocolate.

They did not immediately call police and instead tried to find her themselves. She was found inside an abandoned shop the following morning.

Four bricks had been piled on top of her body and a plastic bag placed over her head in order to try and hide the remains.

She was naked, and her clothes were found near her body.

Police are now hunting for a 20-year-old labourer named Sunil Kumar, who had been visiting his mother in the city at the time. The victim relatives believe Kumar is responsible.

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