Incest: Girl, 11, gives birth to 13-year-old brother’s baby

An 11-year-old schoolgirl has reportedly given birth to her 13-year-old brother’s baby. The baby was delivered at a hospital in Murcia, south east Spain on Friday.

According to local reports, the girl’s family, thought to be from Bolivia, had no idea she was expecting until she was rushed to hospital with “stomach pains”.

Doctors at La Arrixaca hospital were stunned to realise the girl was in fact in the later stages of labour and due to give birth imminently.

The management of the hospital alerted the police who informed social services.

Daily Star UK reports that DNA tests will now be carried out to confirm the identity of the baby’s father.

Spain raised the age of consent from 13 to 16 in 2013. But an exception can be made if the boy is of a similar age or stage of development and maturity.

Consensual incest between adults is legal in Spain, the report said.

It is unlikely the boy will face charges unless the girl did not consent to sex.

Murcia health minister, Manuel Villegas, described the case as “exceptional”.


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