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Jealous wife gets life sentence for killing woman with acid bath in Cambodia

A garment factory worker in Cambodia, Sroeun Nann, was on Monday sentenced to life in prison for killing another woman with an acid bath.

During trial, Sroeun confessed that she attacked the woman because she was having a love affair with her husband.

Sroeu was arrested in March after splashing the acid on Meas Vanny, a female security guard.

Meas Vanny, 20, suffered severe burns to her face and body in the attack and died two weeks later at a hospital.

Nou Veasna, presiding judge at Phnom Penh Municipal Court, jailed Sroeun Nann for life for “intentional killing (Meas Vanny) with acid”.

Acid attacks by jealous lovers are a common form of revenge in Cambodia.

In June, a 25-year-old woman was arrested in capital Phnom Penh for allegedly splashing acid on her 17-year-old sister after discovering that the victim and her husband had been having an affair.

The government has regulated sales of acid and courts impose harsh sentences on perpetrators of attacks.

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