Kenyan man snatches wife from American after prayers from Nigerian pastor

An American man appeared on popular TV show, Dr Phil and begged a 26-year-old Kenyan man identified as Kevin, not to snatch his 44-year-old wife.

The American couple, Sarah and Keith, fell out after the woman fell in love with Kevin from Kisii following a series of sex chatting sessions. The two have never met in person.

On the TV show, Kevin, 26 insisted that he loves Sarah and would like to marry her. Sarah said she plans to move to Kenya in February and get married to her African lover.

Nairobi News reports that Keith narrated to Dr Phil how his wife started changing after she was prayed for by a Nigerian pastor. Soon after, she begun sex chatting African men, telling her husband he could never match the sex energy of an African man.

His words: “I was devastated. She lost interest in being intimate with me. When I asked her what Kevin has that I don’t she was ‘oh you don’t wanna compare, there is no way you can compare even when you did on Viagra”.

Sarah and Keith have been married for 18 years and have four children.

Sarah explained how after she started looking for love online she started finding her husband Keith unattractive. Her first online relationship was with a Ghanian man, then came Kevin.

“When I met Kevin, I really was taken with his gentleness. Kevin is a really happy person, and he is a beautiful African man. When he texts me, he smothers me in love and he calls me ‘baby,’ ‘queen,’ which makes me feel special,” she said.

Sarah’s parents, Brenda and Jim, and her sister Jennifer were also on the show. They expressed fear that Sarah was being scammed and asked her to reverse her decision.

Keith, Kevin and Sarah. Photo: Nairobi News

During the show, Dr Phil called Kevin live and asked him if he was aware of Sarah’s marital status.

Kevin replied to the affirmative and said all that matters was that they are in love. Kevin, who runs an orphanage, explained that even though he had not met Sarah in person, he finds her attractive and could not wait to see her in February.

Keith was then asked to talk to his wife’s lover.

“I don’t know what Bible you guys are reading, but the one I read says that it’s one man, one woman. You don’t covet your neighbor’s wife. I hope you don’t think that I will give up willingly. This woman was a gift from God to me, and I will fight until the very end to save her. A man doesn’t steal another man’s wife.”

Dr Phil asked Sarah to say something to Kevin. The audience went wild in amusement when she said: “I love you baby”

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