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Man set ablaze for stealing pot of soup in Calabar

A young man was on Sunday butchered and and his remains set on fire by a mob in Calabar for allegedly robbing a woman of a pot of soup. The incident occurred beside Atu Secondary School fence along Goldie Street, in the city. His two accomplices escaped.

The deceased, in the company of two others who escpaed, were alleged to have attacked the woman at Mayne Avenue Extension in Calabar South.

They were allegedly attracted by the aroma of the soup the woman was warming for her family’s breakfast before heading for early morning mass at nearby St. Bernard’s Catholic Church.

A young man, who lives in the same premises with the lady, told Vanguard that as the robbers were about to get out of the compound with the pot of soup, the woman raised the alarm, prompting neighbours to go after them. They caught up with the one carrying the pot of soup and dealt him several machete cuts before setting him ablaze.

An eyewitness said: “It was almost dawn when the boys attacked the woman and carried away her pot of soup. When they were about getting out of the compound, she raised alarm and people came out, pursued and caught up with one.”

He said the boy was not able to run as fast as his accomplices because of the pot of soup he refused to drop.

The eyewitness said: “This is not the first time they have come to our compound to steal. Last week, they removed the car battery of one of our neighbours and once night falls, they waylay people, especially ladies, around Goldie by Atu and snatch their handbags and phones.”

At press time, there was no sign of security agents in the area, while the burnt body was still lying by Atu Secondary School fence.

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