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Man slashes girlfriends throat after sex

A 30- year-old man, Richard Effiok slashed the throat of his 23- year-old girl friend, Bassey Udoh, from after three rounds of sex.

Richard, who is currently in police custody in Cross River, made the confession in an interview with Vanguard on Monday.

He said he had been dating the girl for two years but she was always demanding for money from him each time they made love and on May 22, 2015, she requested for five thousand naira and what he had on him was just one thousand naira which the girl rejected and a scuffle ensued between them.

He said: “She usually comes to visit me and we make love and I do give her money but last time she came, we made love three times and after that she asked for five thousand naira but I had just one thousand naira which I gave to her and she rejected the money”

Richard who lives on Nelson Mandela Street in the heart of Calabar said when the girl rejected the money, she became infuriated and grabbed his boxers and a scuffle ensued between them in his room. “I was angry when she tore my boxers and i got hold of a kitchen knife and pierced her in the stomach and later slashed her throat and she died because of the bleeding”

He said the young lady’s scream when he stabbed her in the stomach attracted neighbours who forced the door open but before they could enter the room, he had slashed her throat and she dropped dead . ‘They could not take her to hospital since she was already dead before they entered the room so they only invited the police who arrested me and took the body the mortuary.”

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