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‘My life is in danger’, female governorship aspirant in Kogi state cries out

A female governorship aspirant in Kogi state under the All Progressive Congress (APC), Hajia Hadiza Ibrahim, has said that an unknown person within the party was threatening her life.

Speaking with journalists in Ibadan over the weekend, Hajia Hadiza, owner of Hadiza motors, said she received a text message recently threatening her to dump her ambition or suffer the consequences.

She said she had reported the matter to the police but she still appealed to people of Kogi to stand by her.

Hajia Hadiza who is a princess from Igala kingdom, Dekina said there is no going back on her ambition to become the governor of the state even though she has about 20 other male aspirants to contend with.

Describing past ordeals, Hadiza said he has lost one of her sons, Kamorudeen Yayah to politics where he was murdered by three armed men on August 15, 2014 for supporting President Muhammadu Buhari’s presidential ambition.

She added that she was formerly a member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) before decamping to the APC.

Hajia Hadiza who on Monday, August 10, 2015 will appear before screening committee, said she offers herself to the service of her state in deep and conscious consideration of the plight of her people in the state.

She said: “I acknowledge it’s a men’s turf, but I also know it’s a turf that has been defined by the doggedness, determination and labour of our women”.

She said women in no doubt have contributed to the Nigerian political arena and therefore they must be given an opportunity to play their roles as women leaders in the society.

She added that people of Kogi state need a compassionate and caring mother who is ready to offer her experience and whose successes etched from the adversity and the subjugation that every women faces, to lift Kogi state from the clutches of poverty and despair.


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