Nigerian elected first black senator in Italy

A Nigerian, Toni Iwobi has emerged the first immigrant to be elected as a senator in Italy.

Iwobi who contested on the platform of the Italian anti-immigrant party, Lega Nord migrated to Italy about thirty years ago on a student visa and attended the Univeristy of Perugia. He was elected during the March 4 national elections to represent his community, Bergamo at the Italian upper legislative house.

Ironically, Lega Nord, meaning “the northern league on whose platform Mr. Iwobi is elected is noted for its unhidden hatred for immigrants, especially the illegal ones and vehemently opposed to the Italian government’s rescue operations on the Mediterranean sea to help immigrants entering Europe from Lybia.

The party also fought tooth and nails to frustrate the law to grant automatic citizenship to immigrants children born in Italy which Mr. Iwobi too supported.

Before his recent election, Mr. Iwobi has won election as a councillor and he served as the national coordinator of the party on immigration and security.

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