Nigerian lesbian, Moji Solar-Percy marries lesbian ‘wife’ in US

A Nigerian lesbian, Moji Solar-Percy, has married her American girlfriend in the US.

Solar-Percy, 53, a real estate mogul, runs a company, Solar Worldwide Realty Inc. in Staten Island, New York. She gushed about her love for the woman, with whom she probably would have been arrested if the wedding had taken place in Nigeria.

On her Facebook page, Solar-Percy, who hails from Ijero-Ekiti, Ekiti State, describes herself as a mother, realtor, LGBT activist, speaker, coach and host. She did not reveal the name of her new American wife.

Writing on her Facebook page, she expressed the fact that her wedding was a celebration of the freedom she would not have enjoyed if she was to be in Nigeria.

She wrote: “Today I woke up in a cold sweat. I was drenched with fear, for a moment. I forgot where I was. I ask you all to close your eyes, imagine what would have happened Saturday at our wedding if we were in Nigeria.

“Even though we went to great lengths to make sure we had security, the thought of the police barging in and arresting all our guests, my wife and I, to be carted off to jail, the women raped and beaten, the men brutalised, and my children beaten along with everyone else.

“When I got my bearings, I got on my knees and thanked God for his grace of living in the US. Then I remembered all the people that could not do what we did with grace and class.To all of you (gay) all over Africa, #westandforyou. May all our days be filled with blessings and grace.”


She added: “My make-up was all I wanted that day. My weave looked like it grew out of my scalp. To have my first child do my hair and make-up, then walk me down the aisle was one of the best memories of the evening,” she said.

The wedding was well attended by other Nigerians in the US.

In Nigeria, te wedding would have been raided by police and the celebrants arrested in line with the  the country’s Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Law, which prescribes up to 14 years imprisonment upon conviction.


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