North Korea: Trump speaks with Xi Jinping over meeting with Kim Jong-un commends China

U.S President Donald Trump has hailed China for being “helpful” in efforts aimed at resolving the North Korea umpasse.

Trump had agreed to meet with Kim Jong-un after the North Korean leader  proposed a parley to resolve the tension between the two countries.

In a tweet this afternoon, Trump disclosed that he spoke at length with Chinese President, Xi Jinping

He tweeted: “Chinese President XI XINPING and I spoke at length about the meeting with KIM JONG UN of North Korea. President XI told me he appreciates that the U.S. is working to solve the problem diplomatically rather than going with the ominous alternative. China continues to be helpful!”

Although the White House is yet to announce an offical date, it is thought that the meeting with the North Korean leader woukd be in May.

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