Oyo LG polls: Let’s work together, APC candidate urges party members after successful primaries

The APC candidates for the May 12 Local Government elections in Oyo state have emerged, and the candidates are getting set to hit the campign grounds.

One of such successful candidates is Prince Ayodeji Abass-Aleshinloye who would be flying the party’s flag for the polls in Oluyole Local Government. In a message to his party members on Friday after the primaries, Abass-Aleshinloye commended the spirit of sportsmanship and an “unalloyed dedication to a common cause” displayed by his fellow contestants.

His words: “After the primaries by leadership consensus comes the “secondary”, the proper election for our people to choose for themselves by democratic process the leadership of Oluyole Local Government in line with Section 7 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended). This is a further and higher step towards our determined ultimate victory as a party, as a people united by common goal and vision to add value to the lives of our people”.

With the elections less than two months away, “we must be convincing and courageous enough to garner more than enough victory votes and also recruit new members to our party, APC”, Aleshinloye urged.

As a former Caretaker Chairman of the local government, the APC candidate stated that his experience so far would put hm ahead of other contestants.

He said: “Fellow compatriots, esteemed electors and the general public, I am bringing to the table an appreciable wealth of quality experience as a former Chairman, Caretaker of Oluyole Local Government, a tenure whose landmark achievements and legacy projects are well recognized, visible till today and published in my book titled: ‘GRASSROOTS GOVERNANCE IN PERSPECTIVE: My Experience In Oluyole Local Government’.

“This modest contributions as documented in the book earned me and Oluyole Local Government many National and International awards across the world in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United State of America after serial verification of those accomplished value added projects as published.

“With unquestionable integrity, wealth of experience and sustained grassroots popularity and support, I sincerely and humbly promise to do more. Improve on those that were accomplished, correct where there were mistakes and open new frontiers for human and natural development of our Local Government by concluding on those international development support projects which I initiated before leaving office.

“If we could receive all these without a popular democratic mandate then, discerning minds can make easy deductions of what progress, development and human capital investment we are potentially capable to explore and achieve.

“I wholeheartedly promise to do more because I sincerely have passion for selfless service.”

Aleshinloye appealed to candidates of other political parties to base their campaigns on serious issues, warning them not to take the people of Oluyole Local Government for granted by promoting frivolities and acts of thuggery or rigging.

“And for those who want to join our victory campaign, you are wholeheartedly welcome into our fold. Oluyole is one and will continue to be one in unity, progress, development and mutual understanding”, he added.

Concluding, he said: “Ladies and gentlemen, my party leaders, the rank and file members, the powerful electorate and the esteemed public , I call on you all to let us WALK TOGETHER into the vision of re-inventing Grassroots Governance. WORK TOGETHER to achieve the vision so that we can and we shall have a bountiful HARVEST TOGETHER.

“You know me as a Performer and I do know you as a great people who appreciate and acknowledge good performance. Let us make same statement with our votes again.

“In God we trust. God bless you all”


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