Assassination documents, other incriminating items found in Sen. Danjuma Goje’s house (SEE LIST)

The Police have provided a peep into the list of items found during a raid on the Abuja home of Senator Danjuma Goje last week.

On Wednesday on the floor of the senate, Senator Goje, who is the Senate Chairman of Appropriations, was called to present the report on the 2017 budget. But he said he had nothing to present as the budget documents were part of the documents carted away from his home by the police.

But in a reaction, the police said the search on the senator’s house had nothing to do with the 2017 budget and that it executed a search warrant duly obtained from a court of law.

Speaking on RayPowerNetwork’s Political platform this morning, Force Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood, said a total of 38 files were taken from the house and that none of them had anything to do with the 2017 budget.

He listed some of the files, documents and items as follows:

  • A document on how a Muslim cleric, Sheikh Jafaru was assassinated in Kano State during the tenure of Ibrahim Shekarau
  • Executive document on how to fight opposition in Gombe state
  • Envelop containing a permit to operate as an oil company
  • File of security and special funds in Gombe state
  • Envelop containing a permit to operate as an oil company
  • Laptop with incriminating items
  • Cash – N18million; N56,000; $19850; 9400 Saudi Riyal

Speaking further, the police spokesman said: “There is a lot of incriminating documents that I can not divulge now. The senator has a case to answer. He has been invited and up till now he has failed to show up. He said he was coming on Friday, but he didn’t show up.

“But we want him to know that nobody is above arrest”.

Jimoh explained that the documents found in the house were seen and signed by three people found in the house because “the law demands that the owner of the house or relatives found in the house must sign the douments and items being taken away for investigtion. And there is a video of the raid that can be made available for people to see that there was no foul play”

Those who signed the files according to Jimoh, are: Danjuma Mohammed (Goje’s Nephew), Angwu Usman (house-keeper) and Aisha Umar (Step-daughhter).

Raid on Danjuma Goje home

The police spokesman said the raid was conducted based on a whistleblowers information. He said the police raided the home in search of stolen funds.

During the raid last week, at least 12 vehicles, including about eight police vans were stationed outside the building while at least 25 mobile police officers were sighted outside the building, located on Haile Selassie Street, Asoroko.


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