Pope Francis refuses to use armoured car as he visits Egypt tomorrow

Pope Francis has asked his Christian followers to pray for him as he heads to Egypt as a ‘pilgrim of peace’ tomorrow, Friday, April 28.

The pontiff made the plea on Twitter.

Pope Francis

A Vatican spokesman, Greg Burke, confirmed the Pope would not be using an armoured car as his predecessors did for foreign trips.

The bold visit is coming just weeks after two Palm Sunday suicide bombings on Egyptian churches killed at least 45 people.

Pope Francis is facing a religious and diplomatic balancing act as he heads to the Middle East, where he is hoping to comfort the Christian community after a spate of Islamic attacks while seeking to improve relations with Muslim leaders.

Daily Mail reports that security has been tightened, with shops ordered closed and police conducting door-to-door checks in the upscale Cairo neighborhood where Francis will stay Friday night.

His only public Mass is being held at a military-run stadium.



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