Presidency launches #DidYouKnow to project Buhari as trailblazer but it backfires


The Presidency Thursday night used #DidYouKnow to tweet about some achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari as it concerns being the first in making some foreign trips.

The tweet reads: #DidYouKnow

President @MBuhari was the 1st African Head of State invited on a State Visit to China following the December 2015 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation(FOCAC) Summit.

President Buhari was the 1st sub-Saharan African Head of State to visit the Trump White House.

But the comments that followed were not favourable as Nigerians also reminded the President that he was the first in certain negative developments.

Some of them read:

“The first president to be chased away from his office by Rats.”

“Also PMB is the first president to make a technical stop over to London 😂”

“Also Buhari is the 1st President under who’s watch the Nation’s Airforce bombed an IDP Camp, killing over 54 Citizens.”

“First and only president to publicly ridicule the citizen of the country he supposedly presides over and relegate the First Lady to his kitchen and bedroom gymnastics.”

“Definitely the first president to have rodents ruin his office.”

“What a grammatical construction coming from the presidency. “Trump White House”.

Before i forget. Let’s Start the first game.
Buhari is the first president to have contested 3 times so he can change the country, and when finally VOTED? He changed it upside down”

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