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Read Asari Dokubo’s wife’s prayer against “North, South West alliance”

Asari Dokubo’s wife, Hajia Mujahidat Daba Dokubo-Asari, has accused northerners and south westerners of ganging up to truncate President Goodluck Jonathan’s transformation agenda. He prayed that the gang up would fail.

She wrote on her Facebook page:

“The north has ganged up against the south east the south south and other minorities in Nigeria .This fight is not against Gej its pure hatred against the goose that lays the golden eggs as for the wicked and ignorant south westerners who have decided to form alliance with the north to truncate the transformation agenda of Gej history will forever remember them and their offspring’s as betrayals of the south and it shall never be well with them. from all indication when the results start trickling in on February 14th Gej will win with a landslide .victory and all enemies of democracy will be put shame, amen” 

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