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Revealed: Facebook almost started its own smartphone

It has just been revealed that Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg and Lei Jun, CEO of Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi Inc. planned giving Apple and Google a good fight by launching their own smartphone. But the deal failed to materialise.

Reports said the discussions were held at a private dinner when Zuckerberg visited Beijing in October, last year.

Xiaomi, dubbed the “Apple of China”, recently became the most successful tech start-up in the world after being valued at $45 billion.

Reuters quotes inside sources as saying that the two company leaders weighed the political and commercial implications of Facebook – which has been banned in China since 2009 – buying into the Xiaomi.

Analysts think that had the deal seen the light of the day, Xiaomi’s profile in the US would have skyrocketed especially with a link to an american social networking phenomenon with more than 1.3 billion users.

Apple would have been given a good run for their money.


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