Samsung unveils foldable smartphone, Infinity Flex (SEE VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Samsung has unveiled Infinity Flex, a new foldable smartphone with a flexible screen. The new device has a tablet-sized screen that can be be folded in half to become similar in dimensions to a mobile phone.

Justin Denison, SVP of Mobile Product Development, showed off the Infinity Flex Display of a folding smartphone during his keynote address of the Samsung Developer Conference on Wednesday.

Infinity Flex

Samsung was not the first to introduce a foldable device however.

US start-up Royole launched its own version last week – the FlexPai, which features a 7.8-inch screen that can be folded down to fit into a pocket.

Flexible displays are not new technology – curved television and smartphone screens have existed for some time – while several high-profile firms including LG and Lenovo have previously demonstrated screens that can be folded or rolled up, but few folding screen mobile products have so far made it to market.

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