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Saudi Arabia to equalise women’s salaries with men’s

Saudi Arabia is set to equalize women’s salaries with men’s salaries, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said.

“We are working on an initiative, which we will launch in the near future, to introduce regulations ensuring equal pay for men and women,” the crown prince said in an interview with the CBS broadcaster.

According to bin Salman, these measures will increase the proportion of working women from 22 per cent currently.

He admitted that women in his country do not yet have full rights, but noted that he considers women and men equal.

The change in the social status of women is part of the Vision 2030 strategy of the Saudi Arabian authorities.

Earlier in March, the Kingdom allowed women to serve in the armed forces. A total of 140 positions were opened, and 107,000 applied to those positions.

Women are also being allowed to work in restaurants, and in prosecution. In 2017, Saudi authorities said as from June 2018 women will be allowed to drive.

Women were also allowed to attend public entertainment events.


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