Senator Shehu Sani in Ibadan, says fellow senators have been bashing him for revealing their N13.5m monthly allowance

Senator representing Kaduna Central, Senator Shehu Sani, has revealed the mood of his family members, friends, fellow senators after his recent jolting revelation about how much members of the red chambers get as salaries and running costs.

The senator recently revealed that he and his colleagues get N13.5 million as montly running cost and in addition to their N750,000 monthly salary.

The revelation sparked rage across the country even though the senate spokesman have come out to explain that the N13.5 million was already captured in the senate’s budget as running costs for senators.

Senator Sani who featured on South West Political Circuit, a current affairs programme on Fresh FM Ibadan on Saturday, said he has no regrets for unraveling the secrecy around his colleagues’ huge emoluments.

He however admitted that his decision came with a price which includes the possibility of losing some of his friends.

His words: “I knew things were not going to be easy. Even when I disclosed it, there were explosions, even in my own house. I know very well that it comes with a lot of price.

“I tried to make my colleagues to understand but many don’t want to. Someone was not happy with me when I called him privately. I asked him what religion are you, he said Christian. Then I told him about the bible verse that says ‘the truth shall set you free’ and he said he knows but that this truth can land somebody in trouble (laughter).

He however pointed out that the Senate as a body have been kind to him.

“The good thing is that the Senate has been courteous to me because when I said it, the spokesperson confirmed it. And that is maturity. And there has been no sanctions (Laughter) Though I don’t know about tomorow or next, but for now none.

“So, you see we have done our own. You niw know the senators own. Nigerians should ask other representatives about theirs.

“To even open up is a monumental step. For me, I believe I have done my own best out of 360 reps, 108 senators, thousands of legislators in the State Houses of Assembly, don’t exclude them. Everybody is collecting this money.”


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