Sex expert advises men to let their wives have sex with other men this Christmas (SEE WHY)

“Imagine being told you don’t like sex as much as men and it is natural to be faithful, but you find yourself desiring others? “Monogamy is a tight fit for women. Familiarity kills female sexual desire and their libido drops off over time not because they don’t like sex, but because they are bored. They are sexually adventurous and need novelty and variety, possibly more so than men, with equal and maybe higher levels of desire.”

Those are the words of a sexologist, Dr. Wednesday Martin, explaining why men should ask their wives if she wants to “step outside” their relationship – and give her permission to fulfil an innate sexual need in a bid to make their marriage stronger.

According to her, the notion that it is natural for men to cheat because his gender struggles to stay faithful but women are can live with one partner for life, is faulty

“The greatest gift a man could give a woman for Christmas is to have a conversation about it,” Dr. Martin, 52, said. “Being happy having sex with one person for a long length of time does not conform to any scientific study we have. I believe in a lot of monogamous relationships, there is a lot of suffering and people end the relationship because they have gone off sex rather than have a discussion.

“Few of us can live a life of monogamy with zeal although when it does work, it is a great situation in which to raise children. Struggling with monogamy is something we should see as our baseline, for both genders.”

Dr. Martin, a mother-of-two, is a New York based anthropologist and bestselling writer who studies sexuality, parenting and society. She came up with this controversial position while researching her new book, Untrue, an exploration of female sexuality, monogamy and libido.

As outrageous as the author’s claims may seem, some studies in the fields of anthropology, primatology and sex research support the notion that sexual exclusivity is not innate in humans.

According to Alex Lloyd, writing on, Sleeping with someone other than your partner isn’t uncommon. A 2015 YouGov survey found one in five Brits of both genders admits to having an affair. Dr Martin is certain the true number of women who commit adultery is even higher – and would be more so if there were no repercussions.

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