Shittu tackles Ajimobi over alleged plot to burn down Oyo APC Secretariat

On Wedneday, the Oyo State Government accused the Unity Forum, a group within the All Progressives Congress, of a plot to burn down the state party secretariat in Oke Ado area of Ibadan.

The government said it was part of a plan to disrupt the local councils election coming up on Saturday May 12.

But Minister of Communications, Mr Adebayo Shittu, who is a member of the Unity Forum, described the allegation as laughable and baseless, saying no member of the group is violent nor planning such heinous act.

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His words: “I have been in active politics since 1979 and there is no record of violence against me. I am a notable lawyer and a man of peace.

“I don’t fight battles with cudgels, guns or other dangerous weapons but with my brain. Why would I involve in such when I am aspiring to govern the state?

“It is highly impossible for members of the unity forum who suffered brutal attack on Saturday and are still suffering from the trauma to do such”.

The minister stated that it was the reason why some of the  were against having the party secretariat in the property of the governor.

According to him, “On Saturday, they levelled allegations against us that we brought 150 thugs to the secretariat when we were actually attacked and driven out of the place.

“It was from the place that we sought cover at the Police Command in Ibadan. All these are just fabricated lies.”

Shittu said that the forum would never think of stopping the local government election or congresses when it has the majority members of the state assembly, National Assembly and notable members.

The minister stated that it was the Ajimobi group that insisted the local government should go on, even with an order of a court of competent jurisdiction stopping it.


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