SHOCKING! List of unbelievable substances youths now take to get high…codeine is just one!

After the revealing BBC Africa documentary that exposed the sad realities of how young people were consuming codeine in cough syrup to get high, givernment and agencies launched a total offensive on the distribution of medcines containomg the substance.

But a post on Twitter by Bolanle C. Victoria reveals that codeine is just one of the many substances being abused.

She listed quite a number of substances and concoctions being deployed as hard drugs.

The list is shocking but the implication is more worrisome because it would be impossible to ban those substances like codeine.

See the list below:

Dry pawpaw leaves
Hypo in lacasera
Tom Tom in lacasera
Burnt bitumen
Dry plantain leaves
Burnt tyres
Methylated spirit in codeine
Cannabis, igbo
10days urine


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