Snake bites man’s lips as he tried to kiss it while making YouTube video

An Indian tried to prove his lack of fear by kissing a snake but he ended up getting  a deadly bite on the lips from the reptile.

Reports said the man, Kailash Sodha, from Makrana, Rajasthan, and his friends discovered the snake hiding in a scooter. To prove how fearless he was, Kailash, who is in his early 20s, reportedly grabbed the snake’s head with his bare hands and asked his friends to make a video of him playing with the reptile so that he could upload it on YouTube.

He reportedly wrapped the snake around his neck and started strolling along with it. He then pinched the reptile’s mouth while his group of friends cheered.

Suddenly, as Kailash brought the creature’s head closer to his face, it struck, biting him in his lips.

was bitten by the snake .He was shocked yet calmed to release the snake near a rock.

He was admitted to a state-run hospital in Ajmer and was declared lucky as the snake was found to be non-venomous.

‘There was a snake and people around me said catch it. I caught it by its head and put it around my neck, but when I was taking it away to release it, the snake bit my lips,’ Kailash said.

The footage was taken on Wednesday.

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