STRANGE! Wedding ceremony holds at groom’s grave at cemetery

What appeared to be a wedding between the living and the dead has held at a cemetery. 

Those present included the bride, the maid of honour, the best man, a photographer and family and friends. The groom lay in the grave at whose foot the ceremony held without tying of knots.

Jessica Padgett was supposed to marry Kendall James Murphy on September 29, but her fiance tragically died in a car crash in November last year.

Kendall was a firefighter for Montgomery, Indiana, U.S.A and was responding to a call alongside his colleague Colby Blake and another firefighter on the day he died.

Kendall had already arrived at the scene in his own car and parked. He headed to the car’s back door to retrieve his protective clothing.

As he did so, he was hit by Blake’s car and was killed instantly.

According to Daily Mail, Blake allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .21 per cent at the time, which is more than the double of legal limit of .08.

Almost a year later, Jessica went to the 27-year-old’s grave in her wedding gown on the day they had planned to get married.

The bride posed for professional photos with Kendall’s boots, his firefighting gear and his gravestone, as well as with family who accompanied her to the grave.

The maid of honour and best man gave speeches by the grave, before the family lit paper lanterns.

The photos were taken by Loving life photography and shared on Facebook.

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