Turkish Airlines crew help deliver a baby during a flight


The crew of a Turkish Airlines flight helped deliver a baby girl about halfway into their flight from Guinea to Burkina Faso, the airline announced over the weekend.

The mother was reportedly 28 weeks into her pregnancy when the Boeing 737’s crew noticed that she was in the pains of labour. The jetliner was cruising at an altitude of roughly 42,000 feet at the time, the BBC reported.

“They promptly responded to assist her childbirth during the flight,” the airline said in a statement.

Immediately the plane landed, mother and baby were taken to a hospital in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s capital. Both were said to be in good health, NBC News reported.

According to the Turkish Airlines website, expectant moms that are less than 28 weeks along are free to travel without pause. Those between 28 weeks and 35 weeks are required to obtain a doctor’s note that declares them fit to travel.

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