TV reporter, cameraman shot dead during live broadcast (VIDEO)

A TV news reporter and cameraman were killed Wednesday morning in a shooting captured in a live broadcast, and the gunman remains at large, police said.

The scene of sudden shock and horror at a pedestrian plaza in Moneta, Va. was captured during a routine news story on WBDJ, a station in Roanoke.

In the video, reporter Alison Parker is interviewing a woman at Bridgewater Plaza about tourism in the area. As they talk, about seven shots ring out, as Parker and the woman scream and take cover.

The video then cuts to a stunned reporter in the WBDJ station, who tries to quickly carry on with a broadcast.

WDBJ reporters later confirmed on air that Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were killed in the shooting.

“We heard screaming, and then we heard nothing,” station manager Jeff Marks said while announcing the deaths.

“Our teams on working on (the story) right now, through the tears,” he said.

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