UK, Portugal, Germany, others reject Catalonia independence

The United Kingdom has said it will not recognise the Catalan parliament’s decision to declare independence from Spain.

The Catalan regional parliament this afternoon voted to declare independence from Spain, while the Spanish parliament has approved direct rule over the region. Catalan MPs backed the independence motion 70-10 in a ballot boycotted by the opposition.

Theresa May’s official spokesman said the UK wanted to see the unity of Spain preserved.

The UK prime minister’s spokesman said in a statement: “The UK does not and will not recognise the unilateral declaration of independence made by the Catalan regional parliament.”

“It is based on a vote that was declared illegal by the Spanish courts. We continue to want to see the rule of law upheld, the Spanish constitution respected, and Spanish unity preserved.”

Other European nations have rejected an independent Catalonia.



After a meeting with Portugal’s foreign minister in Lisbon, he said: “We don’t think, as far as we understand the matter, that the referendum on independence was well-founded in law.

“Therefore we remain very clear in our view that we should uphold the constitutional integrity and sovereignty of our Spanish friends and that’s really our commitment and our pledge.”


German government does not recognize Catalan’s declaration of independence, German spokesman said.

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