Varsity student commits suicide after catching his girlfriend with another man (READ SUICIDE NOTE)

An undergraduate has committed suicide after catching his girlfriend in bed with another man.

Kevin Mugendi had written a suicide note to the girl moments before taking his own life last Wednesday.

He wrote: “Nostalgia kills me when I remember all the good times we spent together. The sacrifices I made just to see you smile. We played together like little kids and I still remember your lack of talent for little games. I loved you for it.”

Parts of the note also reads: “You were a friend, a person I could confide in, and most importantly, a lover. I trusted you (until I found you were ******* another man). I gave you my heart hell!…I even gave you my life.

Photo source: Facebook/Gordon Opiyo

The student further reveals that they even had a bank account together with the girl, a university student as well.

“You are my queen (or were now that I’m f***** dead!) I forever treat you with love respect and compassion. The cuddles we shared, the kisses, the sex, we even have a bank account. (Congratulations it’s now all yours.)

“Now that I cannot live without you. Now that you judged and gave me a command. Now that you shouted at me from inside your room with your “boyfriend” that I should “go kill yourself” and even asked for my suicide note, well here it is my love”.

Below is a copy of the suicide note:

Kevin Mugendi suicide note



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