VIDEO: Two men film themselves as they rape woman in river

Two men have been arrested over the alleged rape of a 45-year -old woman in Patna, Bihar, in northeast India.

The rapists filmed their assault and later posted the shocking video on social media.

According to a police report, the woman was dragged from the river “Ganges” ,where she had been bathing on Sunday morning.

The Times of India reported that the woman can be heard asking the men to consider the sanctity of the river.

In Hinduism, the river Ganges is the Goddess Ganga descended to earth, and the sacred river is often referred to as “Mother”.

The Patna police said the mobile phone used to film the alleged assault had been seized and would be sent to a forensic laboratory for analysis.

They also claimed that they found out about the alleged incident after seeing the clip online.

In a statement, rural superintendent Anand Kumar said the woman did not report the alleged incident.

He said:”She had completely suppressed the ordeal faced on Sunday and told no-one.

The matter surfaced only after the video became viral on Tuesday afternoon.”

Several local news outlets have claimed that when the woman first reported the rape to police, officers refused to take action.

However, once the video went viral on social media, police tracked down both culprits.

Both men have been arrested by local police and remain in custody pending the investigation.

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