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Why I hate Jay-Jay Okocha – Oliseh

Some followers of Nigerian football believe that Austin Jay-Jay Okocha stabbed Sunday Oliseh in the back in 2002 when he accepted the captaincy of the Super Eagles after then coach Adegboye Onigbinde formed a new team after disbanding the one led by Oliseh.

That belief had over the years fueled rumours the former skippers do not see eye-to-eye with each other.

Speaking on Monday, Oliseh explained the condition of his current relationship with Okocha, who is currently the Chairman of Delta State Football Association and Chairman of NFF’s Study Group. A reporter had asked him to clear the air on rumours that he does not see or stay in the same room with the former playmaker of the Super Eagles.

And Oliseh said: “Yes, I hate Jay-Jay.

“I hate Okocha because anytime we play Tennis, he beats me. We played  at the weekend at Sheraton Hotel and he defeated me”.

He emphasised: “We’re the best of friends and we played Tennis at the weekend’’

Speaking on the Eagles, Oliseh said that he was going to make the Eagles to play team football combined with individual talents.

He said: “If you remember our victories in 1994 and 1996, it was based on individual talents. But we do not have such individual talents again. What we need to do is to play collectively. That is what obtains in Germany and Spain. It’s a lot of hardwork. We’re here to do our best’’.

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