How the world sees Trump – Survey

The world has less confidence in President Trump than Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron—and also Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, according to a new survey of 25 nations.

“Large majorities say the US doesn’t take into account the interests of countries like theirs when making foreign policy decisions,” the Pew Research Center finds in its latest survey of global attitudes. “Many believe the US is doing less to help solve major global challenges than it used to. And there are signs that American soft power is waning as well, including the fact that, while the US maintains its reputation for respecting individual liberty, fewer believe this than a decade ago.”

According to the survey, a median of 27% have confidence in President Trump to “do the right thing” in international affairs, compared with 30% who trust Putin to do so and 52% who think the same about Merkel.

Still, respondents haven’t lost faith in a US-led world order. “When asked which would be better for the world, having China or the US as the top global power, people in nearly every country tend to select the US,” particularly Chinese neighbors including “Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and Australia.”

Source: CNN Fareed’s Global Briefing

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