Blackberry returns, launches BlackBerry Key2 Android phone (SEE PRICE, FEATURES)

The BlackBerry phone brand has returned through Chinese manufacturer TCL Communications. Today, the company launched the BlackBerry Key2 phone which uses Google’s Android operating system.

It however still has BlackBerry’s well-known QWERTY keyboard lodged underneath the 4.5-inch touchscreen.

The new BlackBerry Key2 with Andriod operating system

Other features of the new BlackBerry Key2 include:

  • Dual-lens camera on the back of the phone
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 6GB RAM
  • 64GB or 128GB of internal storage depending on which model
  • A purported “two days” of battery life.

“BlackBerry phones are the world’s most secure Android smartphones,” said Alex Thurber, SVP and GM of Mobility Solutions at BlackBerry.

“We design them for security from the inside out and we’re proud to partner with TCL Communication on the launch of their all-new BlackBerry KEY2.

“BlackBerry has been iterating and perfecting our approach to mobile security for decades, and we’re excited to have this new genuine, modern BlackBerry smartphone available for our fans around the world to enjoy.”

The new phone will start shipping globally later this month at £579 for a SIM-free model.


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