British woman allegedly stabs husband to death in Malaysia

A British woman has been arrested after she allegedly stabbed her husband to death after an argument in Langkawi, Malaysian.

John Williams Jones, was stabbed to death by his 62-year-old wife whose identity was not disclosed.

Police, who rushed to the scene after receiving a call from the British’s couple’s neighbour, found the 62-year-old man on the floor of his house with a stab wound on the chest.

A 12-inch knife was found on the floor of the couple’s bedroom covered in blood stains.

Local police chief, Mohammad Iqbal Ibrahim said the victim wife has been detained and is suspected of having murdered him following an argument.

“They had lived on Langkawi, a jungle-clad, tropical island in northwest Malaysia that attracts millions of tourists annually to its palm-fringed beaches, for the past 11 years.

The couple were believed to have engaged in an argument. The wife then took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her husband in the chest, “Mohamad Iqbal said.

Local media reported the victim’s body was discovered early Thursday after neighbours alerted police.

They have applied for a remand on the suspect at the Alor Setar Court for further investigations.

The body has been sent to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar for a post-mortem.

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