DETAILS of 2018/19 UEFA Champions League match schedules, new structure

The UEFA Champions League qualifying system now has a new structure which will kick off for the 2018/19 season this month.

Qualifying for the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League spans more than two months. It now involves 53 teams and 91 fixtures in all.


Below are details the match and draw dates for the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League campaign published by

June 2018
12 June: Preliminary round draw, Nyon
19 June: First & second qualifying round draws, Nyon
26 June: Preliminary round semi-finals
29 June: Preliminary round final

July 2018
10/11 July: First qualifying round, first leg
17/18 July: First qualifying round, second leg
23 July: Third qualifying round draw, Nyon
24/25 July: Second qualifying round, first leg
31 July: Second qualifying round, second leg

August 2018
1 August: Second qualifying round, second leg
6 August: Play-off round draw, Nyon
7/8 August: Third qualifying round, first leg
14 August: Third qualifying round, second leg
21/22 August: Play-off round, first leg
28/29 August: Play-off round, second leg
30 August: Group stage draw, Monaco

September 2018
18/19 September: Group stage, matchday one

October 2018
2/3 October: Group stage, matchday two
23/24 October: Group stage, matchday three

November 2018
6/7 November: Group stage, matchday four
27/28 November: Group stage, matchday five

December 2018
11/12 December: Group stage, matchday six
17 December: Round of 16 draw, Nyon

February 2019
12/13/19/20 February: Round of 16, first leg

March 2019
5/6/12/13 March: Round of 16, second leg
15 March: Quarter-final draw, Nyon

April 2019
9/10 April: Quarter-finals, first leg
16/17 April: Quarter-finals, second leg
19 April: Semi-final draw, Nyon
30 April: Semi-finals, first leg

May 2019
1 May: Semi-finals, first leg
7/8 May: Semi-finals, second leg

June 2019
1 June: Final – Estadio Metropolitano, Madrid

All dates are provisional and subject to change by UEFA.

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