Arsene Wenger speaks on role he wants Henrikh Mkhitaryan to play at Arsenal

Mkhitaryan new arsenal signing

Arsene Wenger has expressed excitement on the prospect of working with new signing, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, just as the player joined training today.

He granted a press conference today and the club’s website,, quoted him on the following:

The Mkhitaryan/Alexis swap

We lose a world-class player and we gain a world-class player. How efficient will that be? That will be down to the performances of both players. Mkhitaryan has the qualities to integrate into our game and that is based a lot on movement and technical quality. I think he has the attributes, a good team attitude as well and I’m confident that it will work. He can play in all kinds of positions – on the flanks and he can play through the middle as well. I think he’s very versatile and it should help us to be very efficient going forward.

What Mkhitaryan will bring to the front line
I would say quality of runs, quality of creativity, and he can be very penetrating with his passing and his runs. Also technical stability in our team and experience as well. He knows what it is to fight at the top level.

Getting the best out of Mkhitaryan

I hope, yes. I have no doubt about his attitude, his commitment, his desire to do well. He suffered a little bit maybe from the competition he had there and overall that is his challenge. My challenge is to get him to express his talent completely, that we know is absolutely right because he has done extremely well, so he has a new challenge that we want to help him be successful in.

Did Mkhitaryan’s time with Manchester United affect his confidence?
I don’t know that very well, I will know much more about that in the next two to three weeks.

Will the player go straight into the team

That depends first of all on the team performances and on his own fitness and performances in training as well.

Can Henrikh Mkhitaryan play alongside Mesut Ozil

They can play together as well, of course.

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